The Dive Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) was established and registered as an Association in February 2008.


DIAA’s purpose is that of a forum to encourage the free exchange of ideas and information on diving-related issues; to seek solutions to matters of common concern, and to offer practical advice and support to its constituent membership.

It will also serve as a professional industry contact point for media, regulatory bodies and other external organisations. DIAA functions as a reactive Association, i.e. it offers and provides its advice and expertise as and when required.


The Membership consists of two categories:

a)  Ordinary Members: This category is limited to those associations, firms and corporations who have been engaged in the recreational diving industry for no less than 4 years. This category includes diver training organisations, manufacturers and/or distributors of diving equipment, dive travel services, diver safety and risk management services and dive media services. No other entity applies. Ordinary Members have voting rights. Ordinary Membership requires majority approval of the Committee.

b)  Associate Members: This category is open to any person, association, firm, cooperation or other entity which engages in recreational diving activities. Associate Members shall have no voting rights and shall not be eligible to hold office nor entitled to nominate any person to hold office in the Committee. Associate Membership requires unanimous approval of the Committee.

Membership Applications are reviewed at DIAA’s General Meetings (held quarterly).

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