The DIAA will also serve as a professional industry contact point for media, regulatory bodies and other external organisations. DIAA functions as a reactive Association, i.e. it offers and provides its advice and expertise as and when required.

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COVID-19 CRISIS: With the COVID-19 (coronavirus) affecting every business across Australia and the world – the DIAA will be providing updates to assist.

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The Dive Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) was established and registered as an Association in February 2008.


In response to an accident involving an exploding aluminium cylinder, NSW Health & Safety released a safety notice.


DIAA is constantly working with national conservation bodies to help preserve our wildlife and create marine parks.

DIAA supporting Dive Wrecks & Artificial Reefs

The DIAA supports the sinking of vessels to form artificial reefs and wreck dives.
Discover more about these incredible wrecks dives in Australia, as well as projects to find
and sink new ones.