In response to an accident involving an exploding aluminium cylinder, NSW Health & Safety released a safety notice.

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A safety alert has been published on the SafeWork NSW website to highlight the dangers of filling and using cylinders constructed from aluminium alloy 6351-T6.

A worker recently suffered serious injuries, including partial amputation of his leg, when an aluminium scuba cylinder exploded while being filled.

Similar incidents worldwide have shown that failure is typically caused by sustained load cracking in the neck and shoulder area of the cylinder. This problem only affects cylinders made from aluminium alloy 6351–T6 and is not limited to any one cylinder design or manufacturer.

This alert outlines the hazards present when working with affected cylinders and provides advice on how to minimise these risks. Please take the time to read the alert and share with your colleagues.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Skye Buatava

Team Coordinator | Plant & Electrical Safety | Workplace Health & Engineering Services

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